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HD SaaS – a revolutionary approach to building your corporate IT

IT as a Service is just as simple as using a smartphone or tablet
  • Zero investment and no headaches - use what you need, when you need, pay only for what you use.
  • Ready-to-use solutions that can be easily modified for individual needs.
  • More quality, functionality, and security than the typical self-constructed IT system.
  • More functional, secure and of higher quality than in a comparable self-built IT system.
  • Possibility to implement just specific services or to completely switch to the HD SaaS platform.
  • Authorized access to the IT system from anywhere in the world as long as the internet is accessible.
  • Can be used on any device with any popular operating system.
  • No more need to care about IT systems purchase, installation, maintenance or development.
IT systems today - simply a service that is paid for according to actual use. Just like gas, electricity, or water.


Customer data is stored in a certified data center equipped according to the highest standards. Data transfer between the data center and the user devices is encrypted and is not accessible to third parties.


HD SaaS services can be accessed by any device with any operating system from anywhere in the world where internet is accessible. Employees can also access the corporate IT environment from their personal devices without compromising security.

Financially attractive

You don’t have to invest in IT infrastructure, there's no need to worry about its maintenance and support - it’s done by the service provider as part of the service.

Reliable and accessible

HD SaaS services are delivered under 99.9% SLA guarantee (e.g. maximum allowed service unavailability per month is 43.8 minutes). In case of last mile connection is broken, no work is lost. HD SaaS platform automatically renews the user's session exactly to the point when the connection was broken.


HD SaaS platform allows instant and easy scalability in any direction - customers may both increases and decrease volume of services (users, storage, application services) at any time.

Professional support

Certified specialists are available both for daily assistance and for case-by-case assignments to deal with systems and data migration.
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SaaS Enterprise Desktop + plāns A

EUR 59.40per user/ month*

SaaS Enterprise Desktop + plāns B

EUR 50.40per user/ month*

HD SaaS | MS Dynamics CRM

EUR 51.60 per user/ month *

HD SaaS | MS Dynamics CRM

EUR 88.10per user/ month*

HD SaaS | Everyhing on demand

*prices exclude VAT
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